Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ninth Week - EduTechnovation Day!

I only started taking this event 100% more seriously after I was named as the MC alongside Deena for the day.

EduTechnovation Day was, by far, one of the best events I have ever participated in throughout this whole semester, as it's just a day where all the groups will be showing off their poster-making skills as well as their completed videos that each and every one of us had contributed our own share of blood, sweat, and tears (exaggeration much) in order to make it a success.

Though, at first most of us were quite unsatisfied because the event was originally planned to just be a day where we showcase all of our efforts, but instead it became an almost full-blown event with judges, formal protocols, etc etc.

In the end, the event was completely the opposite of what we had imagined at first, and we were thoroughly pleased with the smooth execution of the event without too much hiccups as compared to our rehearsals the day before, and the food that we were supplied with was also delicious!

All in all, I wouldn't mind doing an event like this again, though it would be better if we had a clearer picture of what we're about to do beforehand, lest we all panic and halt our own progress.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Eighth Week - Windows Movie Maker


That's just about my reaction when we learned about using Windows Movie Maker. While it doesn't necessarily mean I didn't understand anything, it's just that video editing in general isn't my cup of tea.

Sure, it will become an important tool to have as well as an important skill to learn and master once I truly step into the world of teaching, but at the moment my ability to be able to do so is pretty low.

Then again, it's still nice to be able to splice a whole bunch of things with WMM at any time of the day!

Seventh Week - Storyboard Refinement

This week was all about checking on the progress of everyone's storyboard for the videos that we will be producing, in order to give out comments and suggestions for improvement

I've got nothing much to say here really, as our storyboard along with our teaser trailers for our video was well-received and there's wasn't much improvement to do.

Sixth Week - WUB WUB OONTZ OONTZ (Sounds)

As you can gather from the title of this post, we're doing about sounds.

Not just any sounds however, as what we're doing was about tools that we can use to tinker around with sounds.

What caught my interest the most (for a short period of time) was the usage of Audacity as an audio editing tool.

'Twas cool, as we were able to combine to different samples of music at points that we have chosen to make them blend perfectly with each other and producing music for our ears. This just opened up a whole new world of audio to me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fifth Week - Traditional Media (and absence, tsk tsk)

I did not come to class due to feeling slightly unwell.

However, from what I can gather by asking my friends about what did I miss during class, it seems that the class was about using the more "traditional" forms of media used in classrooms, such as handouts, mahjong papers, etc.

Calling it "traditional" is a bit of a stretch as in most cases, these forms of media are still being used in classrooms as continuous usage of the more "modern" tools such as the computer are not always accessible under normal class hours. There is no doubt, however, that no matter which form of media is being used, it must always be done in moderation. Too much of one thing in a classroom is never good after all.

I can't elaborate any more than this due to my absence, so I'll end it here.

Fourth Week - Drawing Skillz

The entirety of this class was about our groups coming up with our own storyboard (refer to last week's post). Of course, the lecturer gave us a few tips by showing them through the projector. She made it clear about the different styles when recording our video, or to be specific: the camera angles. We learned of the different styles of shooting the video, such as the close-up, or the long shot, and all of these are necessary when trying to convey a message in the video. Using the right distance depending on the scene helps the viewer to understand what is being shown.

Once we were done with the planning and drawing, each group were to present their storyboards in front of the whole class as a sort of early review. Our lecturer was able to give comments on the storyboards so that we know what needs to be fixed early on.

I'll end this week's reflection here, so have a picture of (some of) us posing with our storyboard! :D

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Third Week - I Accidentally Spoiled A Souvenir

I was late to class, but nevertheless I still got a nice keychain from Dr. Roseni which I then proceeded to spoil by accident. Yeah.


Anyway, that aside, this week was all about using our creativity in order to create presentations. Powerpoint is so 20XX, and it's time for the more creative presentation methods to shine through like Powtoon or Coggle or anything else.

The class was more or less about the dos and don'ts when producing videos to be presented. It might not be a problem with web-based videos like Powtoon (where everything can be shown on the video with the help of a magical hand, don't ask whose), but it will become something to be concerned about when it comes to actual video recording like through Among the things to observed when recording include lighting, audio balance, and the resolution. Poor values for any of the aforementioned criteria would put the video at risk of becoming not watchable.

The lecturer then leaves us to start planning with our groupmates.

P.S.: That keychain is still nice to look at despite the spoiled chain.